Restoration by the number$

This project is huge. It is also manageable and infinitely worthwhile.

These spreadsheets are fluid documents, with quotes being added, and jobs marked complete as the restoration progresses. The original numbers, printed in gray, are drawn from Washington State Parks, Historic Properties Condition Assessment Phase II, Burrows Island Lighthouse, a document commissioned by Parks and prepared by Grulich Architecture + Planning Services, and date January 1, 2001. Twelve years on, the costs have changed, some work has been completed, while some further deterioration occurred. None the less, these numbers provide the basis for a good "punch list" for the task of restoration.

When a job is completed by volunteers, credit for the estimated dollar value of the work moves to the "Completed" column. The same goes for jobs completed by or impending for the Coast Guard, which still offers assistance to the light station restoration.

These documents will open in PDF format.


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